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Coroner's Office Education Program Approval
The Schuylkill County Coroner's Office offers educational programs for professionals in order to provide the best
services to our county. Below are links to the various approval forms for continued education at the Schuylkill
County Coroner's Office. 
Virtual Scans, Making The Right Move For The Future   [.pdf]

 OSHA Compliance Training [.pdf]

 Ask The Lawer [.pdf]

 Powers of Attorney [.pdf]
2022 Classes Being Taught
1. DiMaio Course on Forensic Pathology
2. Estimation of Time of Death
3. Applied Crime Scene Analysis
4. Blood Stain Patterns
5. Toxicology Emergencies
6. Forensic Toxicology
7. Roadway Traffic Fatalities
8. Gun Shot Wounds
9. Child Abuse
10. Biomechanics & Kinematics

Classes available to any outside agency.