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Dr. David J. Moylan, M.D.
Schuylkill County Coroner
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Virtual Autopsy
CT Forensics Technology
Thank You for Visiting
The Schuylkill County Office of the Coroner works diligently
to assure its daily work is directed at assisting the families
who survive the loss of a loved one. While this work is centered
about sudden, violent and traumatic death situations, the driving
mission of the Coroner's Office is centered about service to the
living family and friends who are the victims of a tragic loss.
Service directed at understanding the truth about how and why
their loved one died, and service directed at revealing and
enacting any means of preventing future, similar deaths within
Schuylkill County.
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Coroner Office Top Initiatives
Dr. David Moylan, Coroner, has successfully facilitated
many initiatives that utilize medical expertise and
cutting-edge technology to aid in death investigation.
These initiatives include: Electronic Record Keeping,
Organ Donation through Gift of Life Program, Virtual
Autopsy via CT-Scan, Suicide Prevention, and the
development of a mobile morgue for performing autopsies
as well as responding to mass fatality incidents and an
overflow mortuary refrigerator.
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Dear Visitor,

As part of my promise to bring the profession of
medicine to the Schuylkill County Office of the
Coroner, I write to inform you that we have
accomplished just that! Many of the initiatives
carried out have been successfully implemented with
little or NO taxpayer dollars. It is a humbling
experience to be able to serve our communities in
their time of need, and I thank you for your
continued support.

David J. Moylan, M.D.
Doctors of the Coroner's Office
Dr. David J. Moylan, Coroner

Dr. Joseph Weber, Chief Deputy

Dr. Wayne Ross, Forensic Pathologist

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